Friends & Sponsors

This page is dedicated to our generous friends and sponsors who support our mission to help the stray and abandoned animals of Seminole. THANK YOU!!

We would like to thank everyone at Wewoka Animal Hospital, State Street Animal Hospital, and Seminole Veterinary Hospital for all their hard work, dedication, and support.

We would also like to thank the Seminole Producer for doing such a great job of promoting the Humane Society, our events, and our wonderful animals and for giving us so much front page coverage.

And last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank Bruce at Boomer Groomer for making our dogs sparkle and shine and for being a wonderful foster home. Bruce – you’ve had a huge impact on our organization. We can’t thank you enough!

2015 Friends & Sponsors


Pamela Griffin

Oklahoma Pipe Sales

2015 In Honor of…

Jasmine Moran

Maria Martin

2015 In Memory of…

John Griffin

Susan Swinnerton

Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Phillips

Theresa Smith

Judy Melson

2014 Friends & Sponsors
Betty Bell
Dickey & Mary Bryan
Paul & Betty Smith
Midwest Commercial, LLC
Mike & Judy McCreight
Lana Reynolds
Darren Frederick – State Farm Insurance
Cactus Plumbing
Gary & Evelyn Wilburn
Vic & Betty Kennemer
Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Suddenlink Communications

East Central University Department of English and Languages

2014 In Memory of…
Nancy Stafford
Ali, a beloved dachshund who was a friend and family member
John E. Griffin

Dr. Robert “Butch” R. Hill

2014 In Honor of…
Jasmine Moran

2013 Friends & Sponsors
Seminole Chemical & Supplies
Neil Craig – State Farm Insurance
Enviro Systems, Inc.
Karen James & Mike Wheeler
KIRC-FM (One Ten Broadcast Group)
Gordon Melson
Midwest Commercial
Martha & Eric Steger
Pam Robinson Real Estate
Lillian & James Hayes
Karen James & Mike Wheeler
Tom & Jamie Mills
Mike & Judith McCreight
Vic & Betty Kennemer

2013 In Memory of…
Mama Jo Perkins of Wewoka, OK
Judith Melson
John E. Griffin
Shirley Nichols
Joe Goblin
Judy Melson
Missianna & Dizzy
Betty Jo Perkins
Susan Swinkerton
Jerry White
Gerald Smith

2013 In Honor of…
White Paws
Myrtle Martin
Jasmine Moran
Dave, Sly, & Mikey
John & Midge Machado
Brooks Lozier’s 2nd birthday
Makayla Brown & Mackinley Brown
Noah Ellyson & Sammie Ellyson